Hey there, young minds!  Feeling a little overwhelmed thinking about your future? 

Well, we have come up with some great opportunities for you where you can ditch the corporate vines totally! And get into the colourful world of flowers by getting into floral design jobs.

Trust me, Floral design is a field where creativity meets with artistry and you get to do a lot more than just pretty arrangements and fragrant bouquets.

Sounds fun? Then let’s explore some floral design jobs with us-

  1. Florist: 

Can we start the list of floral design jobs without mentioning the classic choice, Florist? Nah, we can’t.

Florists are the people who deal in flowers, this is what everyone thinks of them but we like to call them the OG of the industry.

They craft bouquets for your loved ones and design their shops with vibrant flowers to attract more flower lovers.  

Would you believe us if we say florists make around Rs. 60k in a month? That’s something that will surely attract you to this job.

  1. Floral Educator: 

As a teacher, the best part is knowing that your students are as eager to learn as you are to teach.

So, another floral design job is to become a floral educator where you can share so much about the floral world and make your kids ready for a whole new world of possibilities.

Also, you get to be creative, always surrounded by people with passion and the best part is flexibility in this job.

Learn from the best faculty at Meghaa Modi Design Studio and be the best!

  1. Wedding & Event Floral Stylist: 

Ah, the magic of weddings and the cheeriness of events! 

Combine your love for weddings with flowers then you can become a wedding florist, my friend, this floral design job is exceptionally amazing because you will be entrusted with someone’s most special day. 

If you have a keen eye for detail, quality of a good listener, and take a Professional Event Design Course from us then you are good to go!

As a wedding and event florist, you will make delicate bridal bouquets, decorate the whole wedding pavilion, and make spectacular displays of your floral talent in every kind of event. 

  1. Floral Designer: 

When we were researching the most popular career choice in floral design jobs then guess what was the first job that popped up, yes! It’s Floral Designer.

Being a designer sounds fancy but you gotta do a lot of work here; from creating show-stopping arrangements to centerpieces for various occasions, you will be responsible for every floral piece.

Here at Meghaa Modi Design Studio, you can take our professional course as well as a hobby class and ultimately step into the captivating world of Ohara Ikebana – an ancient Japanese style that will turn you into a flower parent in no time which will help you to get several floral design jobs

  1. Floral Influencer/Content Creator: 

Even if you know a little bit about social media then we are sure you know the term influencer as well and how fast they are making money!

Now, do you like telling stories, having pictures of thousands of flowers in your camera roll, or loving receiving and giving flowers? then pick up your phone and start recording about flowers.

Make vlogs, blogs, and content related to flower arrangements and build a community to get collaborations and brand deals.


Have you ever come across someone who doesn’t like flowers or a stunning event where there were no flowers? No, right!

That is my point, we are in a time where you should forget about boring jobs and dive into the world of floral design jobs, where everything is about creativity.

Now, if this excites you and you see yourself working with those delicate pretty flowers every day then you need to learn how to handle them with care.

The best person to learn from about floral art design would be Meghaa Modi, who’s a pioneer in the flower school with 18+ years of experience.

Meghaa Modi Design Studio is your destination to learn every little technicality about floral designs.