Hi , Harpreet here from Chandigarh. This is my first floral arrangement course. This course has more than my expectations. The whole experience of learning an event course of floral design with Meghaa mam is simply outstanding. She is calm and helping. She showed me different ways of using different flowers . Which leads to fabulous results . She taught me how to be more focused on my career and I really got inspired from her and will definitely do some fabulous work after going back to Chandigarh. Also I will recommend this course to all of them who want to pursue their career in this field or who have interest in these skills. Last but not the least , it was the best course and training that I have got till now a wonderful practical course both personally and professionally thanks.


Hey , Isha here from Mumbai I was here for my events course , I have already done my basic course in Mumbai, but after coming here I realise that there was so much I haven't learn yet. The whole experience of learning events course of floral design with megha mam is simply outstanding . She is so calm and helping.... she showed me different way of using different flowers which leads to fabulous results.she taught me how to be more focus on my career and I really got inspired from her and will definitely do some fabulous work after going back Mumbai thanks


This is my first floral arrangements course offline. I have always tried doing the arrangement seeing online videos but trust me the techniques what she teaches you in her class will change the way you do your arrangements. It has expanded my horizon of creativity and how i could do more with the flowers available at my disposal


This was my first floral arrangement class & Meghaa made it a wonderful memory for me. She has a lot of patience. Inspite of her busy schedule, she curated the course for me in a time frame I requested her for. Meghaa is truly a bunch of knowledge & creativity. The course gave me a complete insight of what I was looking for, with appropriate safety precautions taken.  I would recommend Meghaa for any floral classes/arrangements. Thank you, Meghaa and team.


She showed me the basics and with that my confidence and abilities were able to flower (pardon the pun). I had fun doing the course and learnt a skill I will use for life. Thank you Meghaa!  


Meghaa is approachable, clear in her teaching & a positive critique. Best part was there were no restrictions as to what we could use from the store to make the arrangements, which was very welcoming. Have decided to take up next level course as well.  


I have been able to put into practice the theories, that I have been taught. Especially the garland with rose petals and how to properly fold the finishing of the draping for the arch. The best place to learn how to do flower design is no other than in a flower Shop Namely Flower Box. Through observations I am now very good at doing hand tied bouquets. Thank you all of you and great staff of Meghaa, Flowerbox.  I will definately come back again for  more refresher courses.   


The unique quality she  possesses is guiding the students diligently but at the same time not curving their initiative and creativity. She would provide a very user friendly environment at the boutique and a very relaxed atmosphere. The results were awesome, so much so that I do my workshops now.  


  When I decided to learn something new and started doing research on it. Finally I ended up in doing floral designing course then where I met Meghaa. As I started my floral course I was introduced to handle flowers in proper way. The way she taught was amazing. She is very creative person. She could make design out of any flowers by her imagination. Her approach towards flowers and perfection in designing make me learn many things regarding flower. According to Meghaa, flower is very precious and she handles it with lot of care and love which i learnt from her and I just love her shop designs flower arrangements… It creates pleasant environment. Last but not the least her staff members are very supportive. And the boys helped me a lot in learning everything in a proper way…Thank you !  


Enjoyed each and every class. Meghaa’s brilliant insights as a teacher along with her encouragement in bringing out her student’s creativity made each lesson a complete bouquet of fun. Classes are conducted in Meghaa’s flower boutique which is a place brimming with positive energies from flowers. This course made me appreciate the fine details that go into flower arrangements which I would have never known otherwise.


I learnt so much about the wide range of flowers of the intricate technique to make the flowers come together and give euphoria. I’d like to thank Meghaa mam for patiently teaching us every thing from day 1 & for having in depth knowledge of A-Z about flowers. Thank you so much flower box for the wonderful learning!


Thank you very much for incorporating my learning despite your tight schedule. All the very best for your company. Despite not knowing how to make bouquet in a short span of four classes I was able to take a back a lot home. Loved the cordial attitude of Meghaa and Staff.  


What makes ‘Flower Box ‘apart from other floral design school is the “Meghaa” a tutor, Guide and friend. Her warm nature and enthusiasm for floral arrangement makes the experience an awesome one. What I really loved about the course is that we get hands on experience for every single bouquet style and arrangement and every course is very well structured and Meghaa’s in-depth knowledge on floral arrangemnts is remarkable.  


It’s too soon… I feel its still the first day I have come to this place. The moment you enter to Flower Box it carries so much positivity, serenity, tranquillity. We just forget everything amidst the flowers. Meghaa is the best instructor to have. Her patience at teaching and the way she explains the technique with ease. Flower box has just not taught me about floral arrangements but completely enhanced my personality. Thank you Meghaa Flowerbox for all your support.  


Thank you, Meghaa & Team, for this fantastic flower course, this course is highly recommended for anyone looking to enhance their passion for flowers & the strikingly beautiful arrangements that can be created with them. At flower box you can be rest assured that you will have an awesome experience.