As premier event conceptualizers and designers we design wedding flower arrangements, exquisite events and corporate functions. Each event is conceptualized, curated and executed keeping our clients’ ideas and vision in mind. Eye-catching floral arrangements for weddings - from lush canopies to stunning entrances and enchanting table decorations, our team of experts ensure that no stone remains unturned. Our eco-friendly approach is evident in our compositions that feature material that are reusable, plastic free and sustainably floral for weddings as well as other occasions.


As wedding designers, we are aware that the mandap deserves every bit of regard from us as we design the space and make certain that it is charged with beautiful positive energies. Madhu and Vidhur’ s wedding ceremony was an intimate affair. It took place in their lush vegetable garden. As the mandap had to be set in a space already rich in nature we stuck to minimalism. Keeping in mind the couple’ s disposition towards sophistication and the contemporary, we decorated the mandap with blooms in gentle pastel hues. Ivory, peach and baby pink roses lined the white - gold canopy.

These soft, delicate flowers cascaded down the shade and spiralled around the sides too. It was a sight to behold! Fresh fragrant tube roses were generously displayed throughout the venue. Stems of tube roses were not only a part of the mandap but six to eight feet long strings of Rajanigandha streamed down from trees inside the vegetable garden . These overhead floral hangings looked especially stunning and they also infused the venue with fresh floral fragrance and positivity. The daytime wedding decor was rejuvenating, refreshing and surreal in every way. And the set up was instagram worthy in every way. Candid pictures of the couple were shot everywhere in the mandap and the garden. against the stunning backdrops of fresh floral decoration.

The wedding album is full of photographs one would like to revisit time and again, not to mention an inspiration for more beautiful weddings to come. From the aesthetics of the mandap design to the energies of the space, all aspects of the wedding mandap had to be managed with attention to detail. And as the decor of stunning fragrant blooms gently filled up the senses, we, as the wedding designers, knew that this was the perfect start to Madhu and Vidur’ s journey together.

Experience the artistry of our talented wedding floral designers as they bring your vision to life, transforming your special day into a breathtaking masterpiece.

Two Hearts Meet ✨

On Dev Uthani Ekadashi, as the sun came out from behind the gorgeous Nandi Hills, Lord Vishnu rose from a very long sleep - indicating that the ritu of union has begun. This lovely couple tied the knot on that auspicious morning.

The morning raga and the season of union come together beautifully in this decor with bright red blooms draped around pillars and floral animals coming out in pairs.

In the ritu of union, where animals are found in pairs, we saw the perfect reason to get inspired in our decor. Jodis of floral deer and swans made the venue look unusually creative. Pairs of pretty song-birds on rings inspired our hearts to hum love songs. A perfect setting for the beautiful day when two hearts become one.

This breath-taking venue overlooking the Nandi Hills and the stunning stone mandaps invited the passion of red. With scarlet blooms, ivy and asparagus cascading from the ceilings, flaming flowers caressing the pillars and vermillion roses adorning the stairs, the venue had love written all over. Pink and white flowers along with dainty lotuses floated around the moat.

Grey and red gaddis were made for seating to complete the look. A pair of floral swans sit close by. Red, pink and white flowers looking out from lush foliage add charm to the beautiful morning in the hills. The scent of Rajnigandha blooms fills the air. The ambience is divine in every sense. Yes, we created paradise!

Elevate your wedding celebration with the extraordinary talents of our wedding floral designers. Prepare to be amazed as they craft enchanting floral arrangements that capture the essence of romance and beauty.

A Rhapsody in the Woods

The satisfaction of seeing what one has envisioned coming to life is indeed a special feeling. For an artist it is very important to feel truly content with one’ s own work. Vidur and Madhu’ s cocktail party left us fulfilled in every way and our clients extremely pleased. The cocktail party took place at our client’ s farmhouse in Bangalore. We decided to compliment the nature heavy, rustic look of the farm with a contemporary decor of muted fresh flowers like roses in baby pink, white hydrangeas, and tea green anthurium.

Soft lights were generously used. The arch gate was modern and welcoming and the path that led to the party was lit up with soft string lights on the floor and lanterns on the sides. Beautiful floral arrangements in pastels hues were displayed throughout the path. Tree tops in the farm were adorned with fairy lights. Delicate table centrepieces with soft roses, anthurium and baby ’ s breath welcomed the guests while similar blooms and foliage added flair to the chairs. Tables, chairs, couches and lace cloth in icy white ensured sophistication in the decor. The venue had a surreal glow with candles and gentle lights in violet and orange. The stage was nothing less than pure artistry! A grand piano was placed under the shade of a very lush fresh floral arrangement - stunning and exquisite in every way! At any cocktail party, the bar is the centre of attention and we made certain that the bar at this party looked stunning.

With beautiful blooms that stuck to the muted theme cascading from the front and a generous arrangement of exotic fresh flowers in the backdrop, the bar presented itself as extremely lush and fresh. A pretty gold monogram with the couples initials completed the bar decor. The set up was indeed eye catching. Every element at this cocktail party was artistic in nature yet beaming with fun and sophisticated charm. We called it Rhapsody in the Woods and indeed it was!

Envision your dream wedding brought to life by our team of visionary wedding floral designers. With their passion and creativity, they transform venues into ethereal landscapes, infusing every corner with the beauty of nature's finest blooms.

Demo at DLF Emporio, Delhi for Luxury Brand AMPM

Big red roses are my eternal favourite and they spell romance forever! Here I have used these gorgeous blooms to create a three-dimensional effect with the accessories.

The invitation by luxury brand AMPM for a demo of my work at the store couldn't have met with a more wholehearted “yes.” ♥️✨

It’s always a joy to have an interactive and involved audience!
Delighted to see a soaring level of interest in minimalistic designs and non-commercial floral arrangements. 💐
As an Ikebana artist I appreciate the evolving design sensibilities and the growing popularity of Zen style decor✨💐
For all the love showered on me and for the appreciation of my work - Thank you, Delhi!
Cheers to all the wonderful women present at the demo.
What a pleasure it was to present my floral creations at the charming AMPM store.


One never knows where an artist could find their inspiration. My muse for this wedding was the French song La Vie En Rose which translates to ’life in happy hues’. Every time I heard this beautiful tune, surreal images with white and pastel hued flowers blossomed in my mind and I knew that someday those images would manifest into the gorgeous décor of a wedding ceremony. After all is there a better way to start a new life than by being surrounded in hues of happiness. With dreamy whites, ivories, soft pinks, fresh greens and soothing light, this wedding was indeed a fairy tale wedding held in a beautiful forest.

Yet what my team started with was a blank canvas as the space was green but bare. When we conceptualized the wedding decor, we knew that we had to compliment the beauty of the forest without stealing away from its lush charm and hence the generous display of whites and greens. The décor was created with fresh flowers and foliage like white orchids, cymbidiums, roses, green apples with ivy leaves. The forest was dark so we played with beautiful soft lights that came from lanterns, oil lamps and gentle LEDs. Sheer white drapes added to the fantasy feel. Every element was artistically arranged in this La Vie En Rose inspired white forest wedding.

When we design weddings, we bear in mind the personalities of the bride and the groom. Our clients - Vidur and Madhu - whom we designed this wedding for, are well travelled and suave. We made certain that the couple ’ s preference for the contemporary and inclination towards sophistication reflected in every detail of the wedding décor. One would expect astronomical spends on a wedding décor this awe inspiring. But we created this décor that is undeniably surreal within a surprisingly reasonable budget! The entire wedding décor was conceptualized, designed, produced and managed by us and with this wedding we have definitely set the bar high for ourselves.

Our team of skilled wedding floral designers understands the importance of every detail, creating stunning arrangements that perfectly reflect your unique style and personality.

Christmas for Tamara

As an artist it has been a fulfilling experience for me to create clever designs that are not only conservational but also stunning to look at.
Inspired by the idea of using locally available material (e.g. : Tropical orchid plants in Trivandrum, coffee berries in Coorg & pine cones in Kodai)
I’ve created these designs that are as close to nature as possible.
Also, my design sense is always highly influenced by Ikebana, as you may see here in the rhythm and space of these arrangements. This Christmas, we said no to plastic, we said no to wastage! As an artist, I always choose to work with eco-friendly, plastic-free and sustainable elements. When I started working on this installation, with lots of live plants, weeks before Christmas, I knew I was creating something that can last even months after the festive season is over.
The joy of putting together this installation comes from knowing the fact that even when the decoration comes apart, most of the elements will find a place on this property where they will continue to thrive.

With lots of strings attached, the Christmas setup is for keeps! Here we created the decor with coconut and cotton rassis. Big log with pine cones and candles very aptly found their way into our Christmas setup for the buffet table.

We created the Xmas tree from several locally available live Orchid plants with roots. The photo booth too is designed with live plants.. With a generous use of Poinsettia plants, lots of baskets with green shoots, a little bit of wool wrapped triangles and lots of tea light candles - the decor is complete! All the decoration needs is a bit of care, as all plants do. The Christmas setup is as green as green can be! Okay, there is red too.
Afterall, it is the holiday season.


Proposals are meant to be dreamy and magical after all it is that one instant that has the potential to create a whole new world. And that’ s exactly how everything around them was, when Shantanu proposed to his sweetheart. It was the perfect proposal. As designers for the proposal ceremony, we were as involved in the emotions of the day as the friends and family were and we wanted everything to be sublime The highlight of the event was the stage created with gentle soft lights. The graceful glow from the slightly raised dias brought a heavenly feel to the occasion as the couple took to the stage for the proposal.

Be Mine Forever - the musing in Shantanu’ s heart was out there in a gorgeous LED set up, adding more delight to the occasion. Sweet glowing lights also dropped down from the ceiling and were displayed in the garden too. The evening was indeed LIT. Lots and lots of real flowers were a big part of the entire decor for the evening. Stunning fresh floral arrangements were generously placed all over the venue. We used exotic blooms like hydrangeas and lilies, also chrysanthemums, roses and plenty of greens. Chairs were adorned with soft satin sashes and tables were set with elegant centerpieces.

We customized intricate floral tiaras for the bride-to-be and her girl-friends. For the groom and his buddies, we had some gorgeous corsages made. The stage was indeed set! Shantanu was ready to ask his beautiful lady love, “Will you marry me?” while we made certain that all things charming and dainty had already set the tone. This proposal was dream-like and magical in every way as Shantanu popped the question and his girl said YES!