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In this course you will learn how to do 10 different types of arrangements. After doing this course you will be able to work as a trained florist in any organisation or become capable enough to start your own flower shop. This course has all the techniques you will need to become a successful florist.


You will learn how to make 10 different types of arrangements:

All round arrangement
Hand tied bouquet
Low Long Arrangement
Freestyle Arrangement
Triangle Arrangement
Perpendicular Arrangement
Topiary Arrangement
Roses Square
Basket Arrangement



You will be able to make any type of arrangement after attending this course.


You will become capable to work as a trained florist in any organisation or start on your own.


You will learn how to use the foam,care for the flowers,select and combine the colours.


You will make along the arrangement with us and share a final picture of it once you are done.


10 classes of 2 hours each
Supplies list will be provided before all the classes
The offline classes will take place in our studio at Bangalore,India
Batches for offline outstation students are conducted every month.
Classes are conducted over a period of 5 consecutive days with 2 classes per day.

Course Type Course Fees INR (India) Course Fees USD (Outside India) Course Fees AUD (Outside India) Course Fees AED (Outside India)
Offline 80000/- $1800 $2500 AED6100
Online With Supplies 70000/(+Shipping) N/A N/A N/A
Online Without Supplies 45000/- $1100 $1500 AED3800


Q: How can I decide which course to undertake?

Firstly, you need to determine the purpose and motive for which you are wanting to enrol for the flower arrangement class.

Are you doing the course because you want to be able to do some flowers at home for a party or a social gathering. Do you want to do the course because you want to become a professional florist or enter the field of floral designing. Do you want an introduction to the world of flowers so you can decide whether this field is for you. Or do you want to improve your aesthetics and get a sense of therapeutic calmness from doing the course.

Knowing the motive behind doing the course will make the decision-making process much easier.

Q: How can I decide whether the Professional floristry course is the one for me?

Our 10 lesson professional floristry course is very popular amongst those who are looking to enter the floristry business and become professional florists or floral designers. In this intensive course we teach all the techniques required to build a solid floristry foundation. After this course you should be able to independently run your own business and do most of complex arrangements by yourself. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience in working with flowers, in this course we teach our students everything from scratch.

If you are looking to build a career in the field of floral designing then this is the course for you. We follow a four step programme where students first get introduced to floral design through theoretical concepts which is followed by a live demonstration by the instructor. After this, students design their own floral arrangements - a mix of what they have learnt and their own creativity! Each and every student's floral arrangement is reviewed by experienced instructors and corrections are suggested wherever needed. While in most other flower arrangement classes students copy the instructors design step by step with the exact same flowers, our students have the advantage of expressing their individuality as they follow the concepts/techniques of a particular style of floral arrangement.

Q: How can I enrol for the Floristry courses?

You can enrol for the floral design course directly through our website www.meghaamodi.com or reach out to us at 9844171274 or email us at team@meghaamodi.com.

Q: Do you have classes on weekends?

If you are based in Bangalore, you can do your floristry courses class every Saturday between 11am to 5pm.

If you are doing an online course, you can do your classes every Saturday as well between 11am to 5pm.

Q: Where are you located?

Our studio is in Indiranagar, Bangalore. We conduct regular online classes as well.

Q: Can I do this course online?

Yes, you can do the Professional floristry courses online.

Q: How are the online classes conducted for the floristry courses?

The florist course online is conducted in an extremely interactive manner. We conduct a live 2 hour video class where at first we take the students through the theoretical aspect of the flower arrangement class, followed by a demonstration on how to do the arrangement. The student then does the arrangement on his own. We guide the student all along and correct any errors or mistakes which we can see the student making over video. The student can ask questions and doubts throughout the floristry courses class and have any of his/her queries resolved. We encourage our students to share the pictures of their completed works along with any practice arrangements which they do during the course period. We provide the students with review from time to time so they can better their flower arrangements.

Q: Do you provide materials for online classes?

For online floristry courses, we provide our student with two options:

Option 1: With Supplies:

We will ship all the materials needed for the flower arrangement class to your location. We send across a variety of different and exotic flowers so you get a wholesome experience. The shipping costs for the materials has to be borne by the student.

Option 2: Without Supplies:

We will share a list of materials needed for the flower arrangement class 3-4 days prior to the class. You will have to arrange the materials yourself from the list. The materials can be found at a flower market or at a flower shop near you.

Q: When are the online classes conducted?

The florist course online is conducted every Wednesday and Friday from 11.30am to 1.30pm. In case these timings do not suit you, please reach out to us at 9844171274 or email us at team@meghaamodi.com.

Q: How can I do the floristry courses if I want to do it offline and I am not based in Bangalore?

For offline outstation students, we conduct classes in one week every month. You can come for the flower arrangement course in Bangalore for 5 days to do the course. We keep updating our website and social media handles for the batch dates and timings. You can also reach out to us at 9844171274 or email us at team@meghaamodi.com for our next batch details.

Q: When can I do the floral design courses offline if I am based in Bangalore?

For students who are from Bangalore, we conduct floral design courses every Wednesday and Friday from 11.30 am. In case these days don’t suit you, you can reach out to us at 9844171274 or email us at team@meghaamodi.com.

Q: How many flower arrangement class are included in this course?

You will learn 10 different types of flower arrangements in this course. Once you do these 10 types of flower arrangements you will be able to do quite a lot of floral designs by yourself.

Q: What is the scope after doing this flower arrangement course in Bangalore or Online?

After doing this flower arrangement course in Bangalore or online, you can work as a trained florist or start your own flower shop. You can also start working as a floral designer for event companies.

Q: Do we get a certificate of completion after doing the floristry courses?

You get a certificate of completion from Meghaa Modi Design School after doing the Professional Floristry Course.

Q: Will I be able to do my own business after completing the course?

Yes, in the professional floristry course, you'll learn all the techniques needed to create arrangements independently, enabling you to start your own business. Working with and understanding flowers will become effortless for you.

Q: Will I be able to work as a florist after completing this course?

Yes, you can work as a trained florist in any company after completing the course. Learning the 10 arrangements in this course will equip you to create a wide range of designs.