For those with a keen passion for crafting beautiful floral designs and arrangements but just cannot do it because they are not from Bangalore or can’t make it to the place, Meghaa Modi’s beginner-to-pro online flower arranging classes and courses are a relief for them.

If you are someone with a keen interest in floristry and want to learn floristry through online florist classes, then the online flower arranging classes and courses that we are going to list in this blog will be the right choice to gain an immersive learning experience right from the comfort of your home.

To not delay any further, let’s dive into Meghaa Modi’s Beginner to Pro Flower virtual flower arranging classes. 

List of Meghaa Modi’s Beginner to Pro Flower Online Florist Classes

  1. Single Lesson Class

The single-lesson class is designed for those who want to indulge themselves in the world of flowers for some time or feel the therapeutic effects of flowers.

In our 2-hour virtual flower arranging class for a day, you will experience super fun and joy with flowers. You’ll enjoy the therapeutic benefits of beautiful blooms and rejuvenate your day by learning a new skill.

Along with making a wonderful flower design to take home, you will also learn some exciting tips and tricks that can be used time and time again. Know More

  1. Hobby Course

If you want to indulge in the joy of creating beautiful arrangements for your home and loved ones or just want to follow your passion for making flower arrangements, our Hobby Course is an ideal online flower arranging class.

The Hobby Course is a fun and relaxed 10-hour learning experience that will surely improve your aesthetics and give you a sense of therapeutic calmness. Know More

  1. Professional Floristry Course

One of the foremost advantages of a Professional Floristry Course is that one can become a top-notch florist from anywhere with the flexibility it provides.

The Meghaa Modi Design School offers a certified professional floristry course that is available both in person and online, allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their own schedule.

You’ll immerse yourself in 10 online florist classes of 2 hours each that are conducted over a period of 5 consecutive days, with 2 classes per day.

You’ll practically learn 10+ distinct types of flower arrangements, from crafting elegant bouquets to creating mesmerizing centrepieces and installations, and the skills and techniques that will surely make you an expert in the floral industry. 

You’ll also develop a profound understanding of the materials and tools utilized in floral design, mastering the art of foam usage, proper flower care, and the selection and harmonization of colours. Know More

  1. Ohara Ikebana Course

The Ohara Ikebana Introductory Course introduces you to the principles of Japanese floral art. The 6 levels, packed with experiential learning, will help you make simple and minimalistic Ikebana arrangements and teach you how to develop a zen aesthetic and appreciate nature as it is.

In this online flower arranging class and course, you’ll discover the principles of harmony, balance, and minimalism as you create unique and captivating Ikebana arrangements. Know More

In each virtual flower arranging class and course that’s been discussed above, you’ll receive an industry-recognized certificate after completion. The certificate will be the testimony of your learning, and it will set you apart in the industry.


01: Unlike others offering pre-recorded sessions in their online flower arranging class, here you’ll get a live demonstration by our expert instructor.

02: You will learn all the theoretical aspects of flowers and make a beautiful arrangement of flowers.

03: You will learn about colour theory, nature, the texture of flowers, and some exciting tips and tricks used to make beautiful arrangements of flowers.

04: You will learn how to use the foam, care for the flowers, and combine the colours.

05: You will make the arrangement over a video call and share a final picture of it once you are done.

About Meghaa Modi 

Meghaa Modi, the founder of Meghaa Modi Design School, stands as India’s foremost master in floral design.

With over 18 years of invaluable experience in the domain, she has established herself as a trusted authority in the floristry industry.

Meghaa Modi is a floral teacher as well as a leading floralpreneur in the floristry industry. Meghaa has a trifecta of expertise, combining the mastery of Ikebana, the certification of a commercial florist, and running a successful floristry business.

At Meghaa Modi Design School, a panel of teachers personally trained by Meghaa conducts sessions, bringing their unparalleled expertise and passion for floral design to aspiring students.

By joining Meghaa’s online flower arranging classes at Meghaa Modi Design School, you have the extraordinary opportunity to learn from a true master in floral design.

So, which course have you decided to undertake?

The world of floristry is calling, and Meghaa Modi Design School is here to guide you towards a fulfilling and successful career in this booming field. 

With our online florist classes and courses, you’ll gain the skills, knowledge, and confidence to create breathtaking floral arrangements that captivate hearts and inspire joy.

Don’t miss this chance to unleash your potential and pursue your passion for flowers. Join us on this exciting journey and let your creativity blossom. 

Enroll in Meghaa Modi Design School’s online flower arranging classes and courses.