Picture this- a beautiful wedding ceremony where pretty petals are softly thrown down the aisle for the bride guiding her towards the man of her dreams. 

Having a flower girl with a basket full of flowers adds an additional element to the celebrations. 

Now, if you’re wondering, “How to decorate flower girl basket?” for your special day– you’ve come to the right place. 

Let us help you to make your flower girl’s entrance truly enchanting.

Significance of Flower Girl Baskets

Before we tell you how to decorate flower girl basket, let’s know something about flower girl baskets. 

The flower girl, traditionally symbolizes innocence and youthfulness, scattering petals along the aisle shows the transition from childhood to womanhood and the beginning of a new chapter.

Tossing petals from flower baskets makes people happy and joyful, and in many cultures, it represents fertility and wealth in the couple’s life. 

Picking the Perfect Flower Girl Basket

First things first, if you want to know how to decorate flower girl basket

then find the right basket. 

Think beyond the ordinary ideas! Go for a basket that matches the overall wedding theme and colour palette. 

Even though woven willow & wooden baskets are something that never goes out of style, adding a little bit of your creativity will bring different charm.

Also, don’t forget to consider the basket size, it it should be big enough to hold enough petals. 

Materials You’ll Need To Make Your Own Flower Girl Basket

1. Basket: Opt for a stable and aesthetically pleasing basket.

2. Floral Foam or Styrofoam: To tie up the flowers.

3. Fresh or Silk Flowers: Flowers depending on your preference and theme.

4. Ribbons and Fabric: To decorate the basket.

5. Adhesive: Glue or tape for securing everything together.

6. Scissors: Last but not least, scissors for cutting.

Step-by-Step Guide on How To Decorate Flower Girl Basket

  1. Prepare the Basket:

   – Make sure your basket is clean and ready to use.

   – Next, if you are using fresh flowers, insert floral foam at the base to hold water so it doesn’t leak.

   – For silk flowers, you don’t need the foam.

     2. Choose Your Flowers:

   – Select your flowers based on the wedding theme.

   – According to master Meghaa Modi, roses, baby’s breath, or daisies are some of the best choices, but feel free to get creative.

      3. Arranging the Flowers:

   – Snip the flower stems to a desired length.

   – If going for fresh flowers, insert them into the foam.

   – For silk flowers, glue them onto the basket.

     4. Add Greenery:

   – Spread greenery/green leaves among the flowers for a prettier look.

   – Ivory rose buds, eucalyptus, or ferns work well for every theme.

     5. Incorporate Ribbons and Fabric:

   – By adding ribbons or fabric strips, you can beautify it more.

   – Glue or tie them for a nicer look.

      6. Personal touch with Accessories:

   – Add things like the couple’s initials, small charms or pearls.

   – Glue or hand them securely. 

     7. Check for Stability:

   – Once you’re done, move the basket a little to ensure everything is in place.

   – Make adjustments, if required.

Ways To Go If You Are Thinking- How To Decorate Flower Girl Basket?

Options other than the classic rose:

Even though you can’t go wrong with classic rose petals, where’s the fun there?

Instead, explore some colours and textures! 

Soothing flowers like Lavender add a touch of calmness, while vibrant flowers bring cheerfulness. 

If you want old school touch, try dried flower petals. And, yeah! the petals should complement the overall colour scheme.

Basket Beauties: 

Now, if you have certain flowers in mind and you do not want to change them into something colourful, why not play around with the basket?

Having one fun element in the flower girl basket will stand out even if it’s not too much.

Let us tell you how to turn your basic basket into a breathtaking one- lace ribbons in ivory or blush scream elegance, and if you want to go rustic, then burlap twine has your back.

If you are still wondering, how to decorate flower girl basket, then adding pearls, silk ribbons or beads to the basket handle will elevate it more.

Mixing fresh flowers with greenery can be an excellent choice!

Do It Yourself:

What’s better than making something for your own wedding? Make your friends and sisters do it for you! Right?

Ask them to get their hands dirty and personalize your basket with a DIY touch! Cover the basket surface with floral pattern fabric or paint the whole basket based on your wedding theme, whatever you like to have in your wedding.

Gemstones and glitter for the bride out there who loves glam! 

More than just a basket, a cherished token:

Flower girl basket isn’t just a mere basket, it’s something you will keep for your entire lifetime, so why not put a little extra effort into making it?

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Bonus Tip by Meghaa Modi: Let your flower girl practice so that she’s comfortable and confident on your big day. And most importantly, have fun, laugh and enjoy your big day!


Beautifying your flower girl basket is indeed an amazing work because it adds a personal and memorable touch to your wedding. 

The most important ingredient in decorating your flower girl basket is love and imagination. 

By following the pioneer florist ‘Meghaa Modi’s steps, you’ll not only create a stunning flower girl basket but also chip into the overall loveliness of your ceremony. 

We believe we have answered your question, “How To Decorate Flower Girl Basket?”

So, get ready to witness your flower girl walk down the aisle with the prettiest flower girl basket.

After all, every “happily ever after” begins with flowers!