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Won't be able to make it to join our in-person flower design courses and classes? Alright! We bring you our Floristry Courses Online. If you are someone with a keen interest in floristry and want to learn floristry online, then these Floristry Courses Online is the right choice to gain an immersive learning experience right from the comfort of your home. Learn to create stunning flower arrangements virtually anytime, anywhere!



Unlike others offering pre-recorded sessions, here you'll get a live demonstration by our expert instructor.


You will learn all the theoretical aspects of flowers and make a beautiful arrangement of flowers.


You will learn about colour theory, nature, the texture of flowers, and some exciting tips and tricks used to make beautiful arrangements of flowers.


You will learn how to use the foam, care for the flowers, and combine the colours.


You will arrange a video call and share a final picture of it once you are done.



In this fun and immersive class you will learn how to do a stunning flower arrangement. This class will open your eyes to the wonderful world of flowers. Learn some new and exciting tips and tricks which can be used time and again. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of beautiful blooms and feel wonderfully refreshed with pure positive energy during the course of this workshop.


Add this magical hobby to your list of existing hobbies! Through this 5 lesson course, you can not only fine tune your sense of aesthetics but also experience the happiness that artfully arranged blooms bring inside your home and office space. Feel grounded, energized and one with nature in our fun and fragrant hobby flower arrangement class.


One of the most comprehensive floristry courses to be taught, this 10 lesson schedule is designed for those wishing to enter the floristry business. Through different styles of floral arrangements, this intensive curriculum offers all the techniques required to build a solid floristry foundation with some great design ideas for a stunning work portfolio.


This flower arrangement class introduces you to the principles of Ikebana - the Japanese art of flower arrangement. In this first level course, you can fine tune your design sense with regard to lines, proportion and space. Learn simple and minimalistic arrangements that help infuse Zen aesthetics in your lifestyle.



Q1: What are the Floristry Courses Online offered by Meghaa Modi Design School?

The Floristry Courses Online is a comprehensive program that allows individuals to learn the art of floral design from the comfort of their own homes. Designed and conducted by the leading professional florists, this course provides in-depth training and guidance on various aspects of floral design, including techniques, colour theory, composition, and storytelling through flowers.

Q2: How are the online classes conducted for the floristry courses?

The florist course online is conducted in an extremely interactive manner. We conduct a live 2-hour video class where at first we take the students through the theoretical aspect of the flower arrangement class, followed by a demonstration on how to do the arrangement. The students then makes the arrangement on their own. We guide the student all along and correct any errors or mistakes that we can see the student making on video. The student can ask questions and have doubts resolved throughout the floristry course. We encourage our students to share pictures of their completed works along with any practice arrangements they make during the course period. We provide the students with reviews from time to time so they can improve their flower arrangements.

Q3: What are the advantages of taking the Floristry Courses Online?

The Floristry Courses Online offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides flexibility, allowing you to learn at your own pace and schedule. You can attend the online classes as per your suitable time and day anytime, anywhere. Additionally, you'll create flower arrangements on your own under virtual supervision, allowing you to practice and apply your skills in real-time. You will also have the opportunity to receive personalized feedback and guidance from our expert instructors.

Q4: Do I need any prior experience in floral design to enrol in the Floristry Courses Online?

No prior experience is required to enrol in the Floristry Courses Online. This course is designed for beginners and enthusiasts who have a passion for floral design and a desire to learn. Our expert instructors will guide you through the fundamentals of floral design, ensuring that you develop a strong foundation and gain the necessary skills to create beautiful floral arrangements.

Q5: What topics are covered in the Floristry Courses Online?

The Floristry Courses Online covers a wide range of topics, including floral design principles, colour theory, composition, flower selection and care, various floral arrangement techniques, and the use of different materials and accessories. You will also learn about the cultural significance of flowers in different contexts and gain insights into the latest trends and styles in the world of floral design.

Q6: How is the Floristry Courses Online structured?

The Floristry Courses Online is divided into modules, each focusing on specific aspects of floral design. You will have access to live video demonstrations, supplemental reading materials, and practical exercises to enhance your learning. Interactive sessions and live demonstrations will be conducted to provide a more immersive learning experience. You will also have the opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions and engage with fellow students through online forums and discussions.

Q7: What support will I receive during the Floristry Courses Online?

Throughout the course, you will receive ongoing support from our expert instructors. They will provide feedback on your assignments, answer your questions, and offer guidance to help you refine your skills. You will also have access to a dedicated online platform where you can interact with instructors and fellow students, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

Q8: Will I receive a certificate upon completing the Floristry Courses Online?

Yes, upon successful completion of the Floristry Courses Online, you will receive a certificate from Meghaa Modi Design School. This certificate serves as a testament to your dedication and achievement in mastering the art of floral design. It can be a valuable addition to your portfolio and enhance your career prospects in the field of floral design.

Q9: How can I enrol in the Floristry Courses Online?

You can enrol for the Floristry Courses Online directly through our website www.meghaamodi.com or reach out to us at 9844171274 or email us at team@meghaamodi.com.

Q10: Do you have classes on weekends?

If you are doing an online course, you can do your classes every Saturday as well between 11am to 5pm.

Q11: Do you provide materials for online classes?

For online floristry courses, we provide our students with two options:

Option 1: With Supplies:

We will ship all the materials needed for the flower arrangement class to your location. We send a variety of different and exotic flowers, so you get a wholesome experience. The shipping costs for the materials have to be borne by the student.

Option 2: Without Supplies:

We will share a list of materials needed for the flower arrangement class 3–4 days prior to the class. You will have to arrange the materials yourself from the list. The materials can be found at a flower market or at a flower shop near you.

Q12: When are the online classes conducted?

The florist course online is conducted every Wednesday and Friday from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.In case these timings do not suit you, please reach out to us at 9844171274 or email us at team@meghaamodi.com.

Q13: What is the scope after doing this online flower arrangement course?

After doing this online flower arrangement course, you can work as a trained florist or start your own flower shop. You can also start working as a floral designer for event companies.

Q14: How is the Floristry Courses Online conducted?

The Floristry Courses Online conducted by Meghaa Modi Design School is conducted seamlessly via Zoom. Students can join the classes from the comfort of their own homes using their computers or mobile devices.