Did you know that offering flowers dates back to the times of the Roman Empire? Yeah, that’s how old this tradition of giving flowers is!

If you think about it, then gifting flowers on the first day is a smart move (only if you know what flowers to give on a first date). 

First dates are always exciting because you never know how your experience  be, if they will like you, how you guys will click, etc, etc…

And if you want to make an impression, then it’s important to do something memorable, like giving flowers!

Now, the question is what flowers to give on a first date because you can’t look too desperate, but at the same time, you want to show them that you care.

Let us help you with what flowers to give on first date

How to choose flowers for your date?

We are your friends if you are looking for an answer to this question: ‘What flowers to give on a first date?’

  1. Consider the venue and atmosphere.

When it comes to what flowers to give on a first date, first and foremost, you need to consider the venue; your choice of flowers should match well with the venue and the overall atmosphere. 

If you are going for a romantic dinner, roses or lilies can be a great option. If it’s a casual setting, like a cafeteria or park, then go for daisies or sunflowers to match the vibe.

  1. Personal preferences

If it’s not a blind date, then there’s a high chance you know what kind of person they are! This will do the trick; either get them their favourite flower or flowers of their favourite colour. A bouquet filled with their favourite flowers can be a choice.

  1. Ponder over how they dress or their personalities.

Not to generalise, but if you are wondering what flowers to give on first date, then you should observe your date’s dressing style and personality. 

Because their persona can give you an idea of their liking. If they have a cheerful nature, it means they might like orchids or tulips, and if they are more on the elegant side, then we have lilies and white roses.

  1. Opt for seasonal flowers.

Thinking of what flowers to give on a first date? This is a no-brainer because seasonal flowers are always available, and it adds to the charm because they blend with the environment perfectly.

List of flowers to give on the first date:

This list may not have every flower in the world, but it can give you an idea of what flowers to give on first date.

  1. Roses: 

Roses come in so many colours, and each colour means something different. For example, red roses represent love, passion, and romance, whereas yellow signifies friendship, white symbolises purity, and pink expresses admiration.

  1. Lilies:

Lilies show that you’re ready for the commitment; white lilies, in particular, signify the beginnings of a new relationship. Now, if you are serious about your date, we suggest getting readily available lilies.

  1. Frangipani (Plumeria):

To express your affection towards your date, Frangipani is an excellent choice, as it represents positivity and charm.

  1. Tulips:

For your elegant and graceful date, a tulip is the right choice. If you want to convey deep love, then go for a red tulip; and if you belong to a royal family, then purple it is!

  1. Jasmine:

Flowers of the jasmine plant are linked to romance, sensuality, and love in India. To signify your connection to your date, it is the finest choice.

  1. Daisies:

For a lighthearted and positive first date, daisies are an answer to ‘what flowers to give on a first date.’

  1. Sunflowers:

Sunflowers mean you adore your date; to show your loyalty towards them, get sunflowers. They are warm and full of colour.

  1. Carnations:

Like roses, carnations also come in various colours, each having its meaning. Carnations in red mean love and adoration; gratitude in pink; and good fortune in white.

  1. Chrysanthemums:

Chrysanthemums are not everyone’s choice of flower to give on a first date. But if you are stuck on ‘what flowers to give on a first date’ then this is a unique choice.

  1. Gerbera Daisies:

Easily available in every part of India, Gerbera daisies should be your go-to flower to give on a first date, as they symbolise innocence and purity.

List of Flowerbox Bouquets from the Flowerbox

Flowerbox is Meghaa Modi’s e-commerce store (https://flowerbox.in/), where you can get a stunning collection of bouquets without worrying about what flowers to give on first date.

Here are four of our best options, each speaking a different love language:

  1. No One is Too Old For Fairy Tales: 

This bouquet is so stunning with Brazilian rose, eucalyptus, and pink hydrangeas, brought together using rice paper. So authentic, and when you offer it to your date, it simply says, ‘I find you truly charming’.

  1. Sense and Sensuality:

Indulge in the perfect blend of passion and sophistication with our “Sense And Sensuality” bouquet. This stunning bouquet is filled with a rich selection of velvety red roses, symbolizing deep love and desire, & is paired with delicate silver dollar eucalyptus to add a touch of elegance.

  1. Soothing Lavender:

Experience calmness with our “Soothing Lavender” bouquet. 

This elegant arrangement combines the calming hues of blue hydrangeas, pure white chrysanthemums, vibrant purple statice, and fragrant eucalyptus. 

Wrapped in rice paper, it’s a serene bouquet perfect for any occasion. 

  1. Happiness and Joy: 

Spread “Happiness And Joy” with our stunning bouquet of Yellow Mokara Orchids. 

It’s the perfect gift to celebrate any occasion and bring smiles to your loved ones. 

How to arrange a DIY flower bouquet for a first date?

Want to know a secret? Efforts are so attractive! You make your date a bouquet by yourself; this is how you win someone because it has a personalised touch.

Here’s how you can craft the hand-tied bouquet yourself with the help of the master- Meghaa Modi (these are her steps on how to make a bouquet for your first date):

  1. Segregate All Flowers Nicely: Start by pleasingly arranging your flowers, ensuring each one is easily noticeable.
  2. Keep Flower Stems Clean: Trim the stems of your flowers; this will remove any foliage or thorns.
  3. Choose a Nice Colour Combination: This is your personal choice; however, you like your bouquet!
  4. Cross the Flowers in One Direction: Keep the foliage in the centre and crisscross the flowers in any direction.
  5. Tie the Bouquet: Bind the bouquet with a floral strap or rubber band.
  6. Cut Off Extra Stem: Trim the stems for a neat and polished look.
  7. Keep Flowers Hydrated: Place wet cotton around the cut stems to keep the flowers hydrated.
  8. Wrap it in Foil, Then in a Sheet: Wrap the bouquet in foil first, then cover it with a decorative sheet for a beautiful finish.
  9. Ribbon Up and Voila: Add a ribbon for that charm, and your handcrafted bouquet is ready.

Creating your bouquet might seem like a bit of a challenge, right? Don’t worry! If you are unsure, why not get some guidance from a pro florist? 

Floral courses by Meghaa Modi Design Studio are here to help, and you know the best part is that you can do them online or in person. And if you love flowers as much as we do, then it’s time you turned your love into a skill you can be proud of.

So, be ready to level up your flower game (by joining hobby as well as professional classes) because the next time you go on a date with your bouquet, you are going to sweep away your crush. 

Remember, when you learn from the best, you become the best, and Meghaa Modi has over 18 years of experience in this industry. With her knowledge, you will never have to think again about what flowers to give on a first date

Bottom Line

For centuries, flowers have emerged as timeless messengers of emotion. What your words can’t say, your choice of flowers will, and that is why it is important to choose the right flowers for your first date. 

Always consider factors like the venue, personal preferences, dressing style, and the season while opting for flowers. Flowers like roses, lilies, and tulips can never go wrong!

And, for people who want the perfect bouquet without having to think about what flowers to give on a first date, Flowerbox, Meghaa Modi’s e-commerce store, offers a pretty collection.

However, if you are someone who likes to offer your date something more personal, crafting a DIY bouquet will surely add a special touch. With guidance from floral maestro Meghaa Modi herself, you can make the most artistic bouquets with elegance.
So, the next time you contemplate, “What flowers to give on first date?” Remember, with Meghaa Modi Design Studio floral courses, you can craft an appealing bouquet and a lifetime connection.