Are you the lucky girl who caught the bridal bouquet, as the bride playfully tossed it in the air, at your friend’s wedding recently? Even if you didn’t, we know that you are looking for a bridal bouquet right now and you’re lucky as you’ve reached the right place! 

A bride walking down the aisle holding a beautiful floral bridal bouquet is one of those surreal images from a wedding that stay with us forever. Bridal bouquets have been a part of weddings since ancient times evolving from being a charm that wards off negative energies to becoming a symbol of fertility to emerging as a statement accessory that clearly brings forth the bride’s personality. Bridal bouquets are a quintessential part of the bridal ensemble and an extension of the wedding’s floral decoration. 


A perfect bridal bouquet can bring grace, elegance and a fairy tale like aura to the bride’s look on her special day or it can add quirk and flamboyance to the overall setting. Our floral designer Meghaa Modi believes it is for the bride to decide and that a bridal bouquet should, without doubt, reflect the bride’s individuality! And they are even having some unique outdoor decoration ideas too.Meghaa Modi who has been designing flowers for weddings for nearly two decades says, “I find that nowadays because most to-be brides look at pictures online, be it Europe, Japan. US or India, everyone ends up looking similar!” In Meghaa’s opinion a bridal bouquet should personify the girl getting married; a blooming version of the bride herself. So how should you find your bridal bouquet? Meghaa has a wonderful tip. She says, “Ask yourself these questions. If you were a color, what color would you be? If you were a flower, what flower would you be? Are you a wild girl? A vintage lady? Are you sunny, sophisticated, romantic or bold? Get your answers, connect them and look for a bouquet that is unique to your personality.” 


At Meghaa Flower Box, one of the best flower decorators of Bangalore we can design the perfect floral bouquet for your special day. We will help you decide if that romantic cascading floral bouquet with ivory roses are meant for you or a spunky wildflower bunch is the one you should be holding as you walk down the aisle. Or perhaps you prefer the sophistication of anthuriums! Are dainty pastels your thing or do adventurous reds impress you? Sunflowers! Why not?! 


And we promise that when you toss your chosen bouquet into the air, you can even order flowers from our online store that every girl will want to hold it…. less to be the ‘next one to walk the aisle’ but more to acknowledge how perfect you looked when you held close to your heart your chosen bridal bouquet!