The climate is changing, the world is changing; but flowers still bloom! What has not changed is our love for fresh blooms! The demand for fresh flowers is ever increasing, and with it, the value of floral designers. Never before has flower arrangement design been of as much relevance as it is today!


Meghaa Modi, mixed media artist and one of India’s finest floral designers, is happy to see the flower arrangement design industry blooming. Meghaa says, “Two decades ago when I started my career in floral design, trained florists were unheard of. Things have changed since. Trained floral designers with better understanding of shifting trends and deeper knowledge of both Indian and international designs - that is what the new age clients seek today”


Why Opt for Floral Designing as a Career?

Flowers Flowers Everywhere - Small arrangements or big installations - flowers are used for decorations everywhere. Fresh flower arrangements are ordered for homes and offices. Hotel lobbies, airports and malls display arrangements made from fresh flowers. The wedding industry is huge in India and one can not imagine an Indian wedding without floral decorations. Then there are events like baby showers, intimate brunches and birthday parties where fresh floral decorations are replacing plastic props and accessories. Even in small arrangements like bouquets and tiaras, clients are seeking more creativity - something a trained floral designer is adept at.


Floral Designers Are In Demand- Floral designing is a part of our culture yet is not a part of our upbringing. We don’t  have many flower arrangement design schools like we have interior and fashion designing courses. The booming events and floral industry desperately need more trained floral designers. Flower designing in today’s times can prove to be a great career prospect because the demand for floral designers is very high. Without a doubt, there is no better time to delve into the world of flower design than now.


Job Satisfaction Guaranteed - Working with flowers is always a pleasurable experience, it is one of the biggest reasons for job satisfaction in people belonging to the floral industry. Flowers emit positive energy and positivity at one's place leads to job satisfaction. The fact that flowers are required in every single celebration also makes a floral designer’s job very lucrative! That’s complete contentment!


Average Salary in India -  6 LPA to 1 Cr per annum. The salary structure may differ as per industry standards and requirements. The attention to detail, behind the scenes planning, constant emails and making changes as per the client pays off!


Why is the demand for Floral Designers soaring?


Social media boom - Social media has contributed in a big way towards the rise of floral designing. “The need for every occasion to be Instagram worthy has caused the demand to shift from mere florists to trained floral designers. Today memories are made and proudly shown off. And there is never any harm in trying to be better than others. A trained floral designer endeavors to keep up with trends while understanding the client’s requirements. The work is definitely more nuanced.


Exposure to World designs - Today, with more exposure to world designs, clients expect more than just a bunch of flowers and props coming together. They look for art. They want to follow trends. Themes and color schemes are more important today than ever before. It is a great time for Floral designers to flourish.


Eco Consciousness - One can’t forget that there has been a big switch towards eco-friendly, sustainable and natural material.There was a time when synthetic material and plastic flowers were acceptable. One did not need a floral designer for those. Thankfully, with eco consciousness and the heartfelt desire to be as close to nature as possible, more and more clients are opting for the services of a floral designer.


Better Spending Capacity - Increase in spending capacity is another reason for a giant leap in the demand for floral designers.The current generation of young entrepreneurs and high salaried professionals like to spend their money well. They do not settle for mediocrity, they desire quality. A well trained floral designer is always worth every penny (and peony).


Resultantly, the demand for fresh flower arrangement design has soared and with it, the demand for floral artists.



What does a Floral designer do?


The job is to create flower arrangement designs out of fresh blooms, foliage and other material. But there is more to the job than just arranging blooms!


A Floral designer plans the floral decoration - The designer has to take into account factors like the occasion/celebration, season, space and time of the day amongst other things. There are so many details that have to be taken care of. Flower designing is about balance and harmony. It’s about the designer’s idea and the client’s taste. One also needs to understand how different flowers behave in different seasons and settings, how day events demand a different approach as compared to evening events and how every client's personality should influence the floral design. A thorough grasp of these aspects and the ability to aesthetically bring colors and greens together are things that one learns at flower designing schools and these are the things that go into the making of a top notch floral designer.


A floral designer conceives and executes designs - A bouquet of roses or a grand wedding decor, for a floral designer every creation is special. There are several steps that lead to the final design - from awareness of what’s trending in the world of whorls to sketching detailed designs, from  sourcing the right flowers to actually creating the arrangement - a floral designer’s job is interesting and fun. A trained floral designer follows every step with attention to detail and always succeeds in creating stunning, memorable flower arrangment designs.


Floral Designing is a brilliant career option and one can definitely become a successful floral designer with the right training. But one has to be mindful of the fact that copying designs off the Internet is not the same as floral designing. How will one learn the true art of flower arrangement design, which has so many layers, by simply copying somebody else's idea? Learning the art of floral designing from a floral school of design is the right approach to the career path as a floral designer.


What You Learn In A Floral Design Course

Floral design - You can learn a set of floristry techniques and design skills at Floral design schools. You even create your own personal portfolio while learning!


Event Design - With intensive, advanced training - that includes both practical and theory lessons - you can even create elaborate designs at luxury weddings and other big events.


Topical Designs - Courses that cover traditional, contemporary, classical and trending design ideas prepare students to build a lucrative career in India or even overseas!


Beyond Designs - A complete flower designing course with hands-on training will help you learn things like how different flowers behave in different seasons, how light affects designs and blooms, etc.  At Meghaa Modi’s design school you also learn basic business skills. 


 So, if you are creative, if you love art and nature and enjoy the idea of patiently putting flowers together to form stunning creations and if you want a profession that is much in demand, you could pursue a career as a floral designer.


Close your eyes and imagine - a walk along a path lined with crisp colorful blooms. Shrubs of red roses, cascading orchids, and vivid carnations. How refreshing! A career path full of fresh fragrant flowers should feel the same.


Get the flower power on your resume and see your career bloom!