Flowers elevate mood and happiness, freshen the air, spread positivity, reduce anxiety and improve one’s emotional health. Putting flowers in a vase is easy but making it look pleasing to eyes requires a bit of practice, training and knowledge








Flower arrangement is the art of using flowers to create an eye catching display. There a variety of flower arrangement techniques one has to know to create complex visual arrangements, however for daily use by following a few steps we can have some stunning arrangements regularly for our homes or offices.











Step 1 - Plan and Buy your Flowers











Have a colour combination in mind before you go out to purchase your flowers. Keep in mind the mood or environment you want to create using that flower arrangement. For a bright and cheerful flower arrangement opt for sunflowers, for a romantic flower arrangement opt for blush pink roses or some red roses. Refer, to a colour wheel to get complimenting or contrasting flowers of other colours. Mix and match different colours and flowers everytime so you can come with new flower arrangement techniques.











Step 2 - Cut and Prepare the Flowers

flower cut

Before you jump into arranging the flowers, take some time to prepare your flowers so that your flower arrangement can last longer. Remove all the extra leaves from the stems and cut all your stems diagonally from the bottom to allow more water to seep into the stems. Separate and arrange all your flowers in a line on a desk in front of you so that you can make your flower arrangement more easily.












Step 3 - Choose a Container for your Arrangement























If you are using water then make sure to use filtered water to keep your flower arrangement fresher for a long time. You can use glass containers, baskets, jugs, vases, cardboard boxes for your flower arrangements. Use a plastic lining in brass, copper or cardboard vessels to keep them safe from water. Add a long fresh leaf along the sides of a glass container to give a cleaner and more aesthetic look.













Step 4 - Selection













Now select your main flowers and start arranging them. Trim the stems to equal heights for a cleaner look. Arranging all your main flowers first will allow you to have cleaner lines and will make it easier for you to maintain the shape of the arrangement.













Step 5 - Add Variations














Next, go ahead and add the rest of the flowers. Keep some variations in the height of the other flowers to get a more fuller flower arrangement.













Step 6 - Add Greenery


Lastly, start adding the greenery. You can use eucalyptus leaves, kamini leaves, ivy leaves, etc for your arrangements. Make sure to add ample greenery along the rim of the container to give it a more neat look.  Make sure to remove all the leaves from below the stems which are immersed in the water. This will make your flower arrangement last longer.













Now, you have a beautiful arrangement which you can keep in your home or office.













Changing the water and trimming the stems regularly will keep the flowers fresh for longer.

This is a basic and simple arrangement which you can do at home. To learn more flower arrangement techniques enroll in our courses and develop an exquisite taste in floral designing. We offer courses for both professionals and hobby enthusiasts.