Flowers make me happy. The pink periwinkles in my mother's balcony garden, those flaming gulmohar blooms in summer, rose bouquets on birthdays and marigold torans during festivals. I always believed that flowers have happy energies, maybe because of the colors or perhaps the smell. I don't know. But the very thought of flowers just makes me feel warm fuzzy and peaceful.

I remember watching a Hollywood movie (or TV show – I don't quite remember) in my early teens where the heroine is a florist. The whole setting was so dreamy and so pretty that I dreamed of working in a flower shop. Well, life had other plans and that dream remained a dream but while I went on with my regular job those flower shop flashes did keep coming.

And then there came a point in my life where I just wanted to get away from everything. I felt the need for fresh energies and some positivity and so I decided that I'm going to take up a Floral design course because that's the only idea that made me feel light. I looked up online and found the flower school at Meghaa Flower Box in Bangalore.

Meghaa's floral design course was such a lovely experience. From the moment I stepped into the Flower Boutique where the Floral arrangement classes are held, I knew the course was a great decision. It's a place so full of positive energies from those gorgeous fresh flowers. Every class was beautiful and with each class I could feel more and more positivity coming into my life and stress slowly fading away.

In the flower design course I learnt how to make different kinds of floral arrangements, I learnt the names of flowers and how long they last. I learnt how to balance colours and how to get more creative. I was taught how to handle delicate lilies and how to open up carnation buds. This course made me appreciate the fine details that go into flower arrangements which I would have never known otherwise. As I started appreciating flowers and the art of floral design, I believe that my overall sense of aesthetics improved.

In the floral design course I learnt various kinds of arrangements like all round arrangement, tall arrangement, how to make a hand held bouquet and more. In the events course I learnt about so many things that go into events decor. Making tiaras, bridal bouquets and garlands was so much fun and decorating arches and centrepieces made me see floral decorations from a new perspective. As part of the course I attended events where I got hands on experience of working with flowers at real functions. The course gave me the confidence to create any floral arrangement on my own.

Most of all, I realized that I would look forward to each class because when I worked with flowers I felt refreshed, rejuvenated, healthier, happier. Meghaa is a brilliant teacher and her insights along with her encouragement in bringing out her student's creativity made each lesson a complete bouquet of fun. She personally taught each student the various aspects of flower arrangement.

After my floral design course and the events course at Meghaa Flower Box, I went ahead and completed the Ikebana beginners course too! Ikebana is a Japanese art of flower arrangement, very minimal yet sophisticated. Meghaa (who herself is a master from Ohara School of Ikebana) encouraged me to attend demonstration by Ikebana grandmasters. I attended two. One by Mr. Christopher Lim from Singapore and the other by Ms Mamiko Tochimura from Japan and the experience was truly overwhelming. Also, I'm absolutely thrilled that I now have a certificate from the Ohara School of Ikebana (Japan) from Meghaa.

The floral arrangement classes were therapeutic at various levels. I took away a lot from the wonderful floral arrangement classes at Meghaa Flower Box and whether or not I become a florist, I'm glad I pursued the course.

And that dream of mine! I'm still not working in a flower shop, but at least I was a part of one! A beautiful one!