Be it weddings or events or special occasions, all are incomplete without the presence of flowers.Flowers add positivity and love energy to any occasion. With an upward rise in the use of flowers for all occasions a  career in flower arrangement designs or floristry is becoming more and more lucrative.However, the lack of quality education and training makes this field a very difficult career to crack. We at Meghaamodi Design Studio are bridging this gap by educating and training young minds in the filed of floral art designs, under the expert guidance of Ikebana Master Meghaa Modi.


One of the most frequent questions we get asked is about scope an individual has after learning floral designing. The most lucrative career paths someone can take after learning flower arrangement designs.There are an array of career options aligned with floral designing .Event planning, experiential marketing, Art gallery designer, Flower shop owner, jewellery and event designing, etc are some of the most common career options an individual can choose from.

Wedding Design/ Wedding Planner

To begin with, wedding design/wedding planner is the most exciting career option and floral designing is the most exquisite part of the wedding preparations. The arrangement for the flowers is the primary place of decor people look forward to in a wedding. From simple to luxury weddings all of them have flowers. The colors relate to different emotions, the arrangement speaks of the divine space created for the newly wedded couple. Yellow and orange marigolds, roses and mogras are favorites  for an Indian wedding. We at Meghaa Modi Design studio  are experts in fresh flower decoration for weddings and proudly present our nature based designs. Our students reflect the quality of our training.

Arrangement in Art Galleries

Arrangement in Art Galleries or Commercial Spaces is another promising career choice in the field of floral design. The flower arrangement designs in galleries has a theme based on the type of art gallery, whetherits related to music, dance, theater, commercial arts. Floral Designing brings to life to any commercial space and reflects an air of exuberance to the ambience.

Interior Designing

Interior Designing combined with floral art designs is also a way to map your career choice. It brings in the flavor of designing one's personal space. Be it an office, home, hotel, co-working space, interior designing with flowers brings a positive vibe to the entire atmosphere. The fresh blooms bring a fragrant aroma and the sequencing implies the kind of energy associated with it.

Experiential Marketing

Another interesting and one of the most upcoming career choice is in the field of  experiential marketing. Experiential marketing combined with a knack for flowers can elevate any event to great heights. Nowadays, experiential marketing is the way forward for trade shows,productlaunches,etc. Adding flowers to the theme requires extensive knowledge and expertise so as to have a desired effect. Knowledge about the various types of flower arrangements and how to combine them with technology is essential to grow in the field of experiential marketing.

Jewellery Design

Jewellery Design is another beautiful career choice when combined with floral art designs yields phenomenal results.It brings in the aesthetics of floral designing and gives an individual a heightened understanding of colours and textures. Back in the good old days flowers were used on a daily basis by queens to adorn themselves. Jewellery made of flowers adds beauty and fragrance to your daily life, psychologically works in creating a spiritual space for oneself. Fresh flower jewellery is a trend in all weddings nowadays, hence mastering this art has become as important as ever. Jewellery Design is an intricate art which involves intensive and elaborate work.

Flower Retail Shop

Finally, a Flower Retail Shop/Florist is quite a lucrative career choice. Be it a birthday, anniversary, engagement party, baby shower flowers have an important role to play on all these occasions. Depending on the occasion the types of flowers arrangements will vary, and it is very important to understand and cater to the clients needs effectively. Sending flowers as gift is still one of the best ways to make someone feel special. This is a career option which will never see a decline.


Day by day the market for floral designing is growing at a rapid pace.Wedding design, event management, art design, jewelry design, floristry, etc  are all very fascinating and sought after career paths. In this world where everyone is running a rat race, a floral design career is the one which would bring peace and harmony to your daily routine and keep you in high spirits. There are a number of courses being offered by Meghaa Modi Design Studio on flower arrangement designs depending upon your career choice. Each course is crafted keeping in mind the desired career choice. The Professional Floristry course, Ikebana course, Event designing course are the courses which make you an expert in the field of floral design art. The art and design industry needs more experts in the floral design space, which could serve as a great career prospect. Meghaa Modi Design studio is YOUR key to open the door to a brighter and successful tomorrow.